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  • The chapter starts out with Tose Quartz in a pink and purple glittery taxi.
  • She warns the Unicorn Killer about the Bijoux Squad and warns him that's he's wanted by the Jewel of Counter Commission
  • During the 25th day of The Unicorn Killers investigation Peony gives Daisy, Amaryllis and Tulip their weapons.
  • On the same day Vanilla, Hydrangea, Bluebell and Lavander go interviewing people about the Unicorn Killer
  • Vanilla has a plan and has Hydrangea go out by herself looking for The Unicorn Killer
  • Hydrangea notices The Unicorn Killer in his taxi looking at a woman. Quickly Hydrangea acts by saving the woman by getting in the car herself
  • Hydrangea is worried it may not be The Unicorn Killer so she asks some questions
  • It is the Unicorn Killer and he grabs Hydrangea by the neck. He then tears her coat off revealing her breasts
  • The Unicorn Killer comments on how nice her breasts are

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