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Name: Lapis Lazuli

Japanese Name: ラピスラズリ

Romaji: RapisuRazuri

Species: Jewel

Gem: Lapis lazuli

Sex: Female

Birthday: April 13th

Location: 13th Ward

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Likes: Black Pearl, Jet, Onyx, Black Jasper, Azurite, Rose Quartz

Dislikes: Red Spinel

Status: Alive

Name Edit

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Lapis Lazuli is named after a blue stone with the same name. Lapis Lazulis usually have gold on them which this Lapis does have gold freckles which goes good with her bronze tan skin.

Biography Edit

Once the Unicorn Killer was injured by Bluebell Lapis decided to attack the Bijoux Squad.

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She likes fighting especially the Bijoux Squad. She's extremely smart.

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  • Lapis hates salt