Info Edit

Name: Purple Sapphire

Japanese Name: プパールーサファイア

Romaji: PupāruSafiā

Species: Jewel

Gem: sapphire (purple)

Sex: Female

Birthday: October 5th

Location: 13th Ward

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Likes: Azurite, fashion, magic, all Jewels

Dislikes: mean Jewels

Status: Dead 💀

Name Edit

Purple Sapphire is named after a purple colored sapphire.

Biography Edit

She like most high class Jewels and other Jewels in general are apart of Houseki Cloud. One day during a walk in the 25th Ward she saw Azurite and soon the two fell in love together they had to keep their relationship a secret as if the High Class Jewels were to find out Purple Sapphire would be shattered right on the spot along with Azurite. What happened though was Diamond found out (who knows when) and killed Purple Sapphire (When Azurite was out to get flowers for her on Valentine's Day.) This fucked up Azurite to the extreme.

Post Gembent Edit

Perosnality and Traits Edit

Purple Sapphire was cool and collective she was bubbly and friendly as well. She was feminine like 98% Jewels are.

Powers and abilities Edit

  • Since shes a purple blood she could posses different types of magic since she's a magic dweller.

Relationships Edit

Trivia Edit

  • She's the only Sapphire dead.
  • Before Diamond killed she violently raped her with a knife.